Bookmark #15

Farewell to one of the most influential voices in contemporary architecture, Zaha Hadid. Relive her legacy through this documentary.

Monocle’s conversations with architects about competition in the profession.

An interesting article on Curbed about the advance of pop-up architecture, going back to Ancient Rome.

Gillis Lundgren – the man who popularized IKEA’s flat-pack design – recently passed away. Read about his story, and the table that started it all.

Fascinating initiative (and nicely done website) by Adelaide City Council aiming at creating better urban spaces.

GSAPP’s lecture and conversation with Assemble – 2015 Turner Prize Winner on their philosophy, grass-root approach to design and re-engaging architecture with community.

“Research at Facebook” recently published a study/infographic on the relationship between our parent’s jobs and our choice of profession, sampling over 5.6M parent-child pairs from English-speaking locales.

How to design a university for the Deaf, from doorbell, sitting layout to color selection etc. ? Read about Gaullaudet’s award-winning DeafSpace Design Guidelines.

Project of the Week

FA House – Atelier Tho.A

As a Vietnamese, I have always been very critical of its architecture development. Many interesting projects have caught the attention globally, yet FA House is among a very few projects that succeeds in modest, clever design intervention without compromising aesthetic quality & functionality. The existing house was built by the client’s father but was left unoccupied for 2 decades. The brief asks for a renovation into a holiday house, fixing up any structural and waterproofing defects without compromising the “look & feel” of the house. The design solution is to encase the existing house in clear polycarb0nate shell, therefore leaving the house “untouched”, sheltering it from weather, creating a semi-outdoor space for gardening, cooking and dining.












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