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Bookmark #14 (v2.0)


Rem Koolhaas discussed with his protoge Kunle Adeyami about their past project in Lagos, its current state, and what lies ahead for the country? 

A visual guide to the skyscraper boom of Manhattan and what New York might look like in 2020.

The New Yorker covered a career of Bolivian architect Freddy Mamani Silvestre, that is as colorful as his architecture.

Worth-reading article on the Melbourne “elevated or sunk railway” saga on The Conversation by two academics at The University of Melbourne & RMIT.

How Spain’s history resulted in the country’s highest concentration of elevators in the world.

Fascinating interview with Rem Koolhaas by Charlie Rose. Very thought-provoking!

Always have a soft spot for good infographics. Check out The Paypal Mafia, a visual comparison of pyramidal buildings.

Paris Roof Tops beautiful photograph series by Michael Wolf documenting architecture and the vernacular culture of metropolises.

Hitler’s Architect.


Project of the Week

Tietgen Student Hall – Lundgaard & Tranberg

Completed in 2006, the seven-storey structure oozes “community”. The building’s circular form symbolizes equality and co-living. Projecting volumes on the facade not only contains common areas and kitchen internally, create open terraces on top, but also highlight the central courtyard as the focal point of the student life. 1-bedroom units range from 26-33 square meters; and 2-bedrooms are from 45 square meters. 12 residences share one of the total 30 common kitchen areas; and all residences have access to other facilities such as laundry, bike park, assembly hall, study rooms, computer room, music room, gym, outdoor sport areas, etc. The project has won numerous awards, including the Wood Award 2006, RIBA European Award 2007, the Arne of the Year 2011, Award from the Improvement Society of Copenhagen 2005 etc.
















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